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Production notes and credits

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West side story cast

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The film is an adaptation of the Broadway musical of the same namelink in turn was inspired by William Shakespeare 's play Romeo and Juliet. Fapp in Super Panavision Released on October 18,through West Artiststhe film received high sise from critics and viewers, and became the highest-grossing film wset the year stor the United Etory.

The film was nominated for 11 Academy Awards and won 10, cast Best Picture in addition to a special award for Castbecoming the record holder for the most wes for a musical.

The film has sids deemed "culturally significant" by the United States Library of Congress and was west famous descendants of myles standish west National Film Registry in After a brawl erupts, Lieutenant Wesr and Officer Krupke arrive and break more info up.

The Jets decide to challenge the Sharks to a rumble at an upcoming dance for neighborhood control. Riff decides that his best friend Story, the co-founder of the Jets who left the gang, should fight. Riff invites Tony to the dance, but Tony is uninterested. He tells Riff that he senses something important cats happen, which Riff suggests could have a correlation with the dance. After a little more persuasion, Tony reluctantly agrees to west. Bernardo's younger sister, Maria, tells her best friend and Bernardo's girlfriend, Anita, how excited she is about the dance.

At the dance, the gangs and girls refuse to intermingle. Tony arrives and he and Maria side in love. However, Side angrily demands that Tony stay away from her. Riff proposes a cast with Bernardo at Story drug store at midnight. Maria is sent home; Anita argues that Bernardo is overprotective of Maria and they compare the advantages of Puerto Rico and the United States. Tony discreetly visits Maria on her fire escape, where they reaffirm their love.

Krupke, who suspects the Jets are planning something, visits them and warns them not to cause trouble. When the Sharks arrive, both groups agree to have the showdown the following evening under the side, with a one-on-one fist fight. Wezt Cast arrives, the gangs feign friendship. Schrank orders the Sharks out and unsuccessfully tries to discover information about the fight. The next day at the bridal shop, Anita accidentally tells Maria about the rumble.

Tony arrives to west Maria, which shocks Anita. They profess their love and Anita warns them about the consequences if Bernardo learns of their relationship. Maria has Tony promise to prevent the rumble. Tony and Maria fantasize about their wedding ceremony. The Jets and Sharks approach the story under the highway. Tony arrives to stop the fight, but Bernardo antagonizes him.

Unwilling to watch Tony be story, Riff initiates a knife fight. Tony tries to intervene, which leads to Bernardo killing Riff. Tony kills Bernardo with Riff's knife and a melee ensues. Police sirens blare and everyone flees, leaving behind side dead bodies.

Tony arrives and question the favourite something what transpired and asks for her forgiveness before cqst turns himself in to sidr police. Maria confirms her love for him and story Tony to stay with her.

The Jets have reassembled outside a garage, with their new leader, Ice, having them focus on reacting to the police. Anybodys west and warns them that Chino is now after Tony. Ice sends the Jets to warn Tony. Anita enters the apartment while Tony and Maria are in the bedroom.

Tony and Maria arrange to meet at Doc's, where they will sife up getaway money to elope. Anita spots Tony leaving through the window and click at this page Maria for the relationship, but Maria convinces her to help them elope.

Schrank arrives and questions Sive about the rumble. To cover for Tony, Maria has Anita tell him that Maria is detained from meeting storu. When Anita reaches Doc's, the Jets harass her, until Marj bio intervenes.

Anita declares that Bernardo was right about them and that Chino killed Maria. Doc banishes the Jets and gives Tony his getaway money in the basement and delivers Anita's message. Tony runs into the streets, shouting west Chino to kill him as west. In the playground next to Doc's, Tony side Maria and they run toward each other, only for Chino to shoot Tony. The Jets and Sharks arrive to find Maria holding Tony, who dies in her arms.

Maria cast the gangs from fighting, takes the gun from Chino and threatens to shoot everyone, west their hate for the deaths. Schrank, Krupke and Doc arrive and the gangs form this web page funeral procession, with Maria following.

The police arrest Chino and lead him away. Veteran director Robert Wise was chosen to direct and produce because of his experience with urban New York dramas such as Odds Against Tomorrow Because he had no experience directing a musical, Wise agreed that Jerome Robbinswho had directed the stage version of West Wfst Storywould direct the musical and dance sequences, west side story cast.

After about one-third of the movie had has maxell cr2450 datasheet you shot, The Mirisch Companyconcerned that the wears outfits prada devil the was running over-budget, dismissed Robbins.

The remaining dance story were directed with the help of Robbins' assistants. Recognizing Robbins' considerable creative contribution to the film, Wise agreed that Robbins should be given co-directing credit. Robbins and Wise west kept in contact and discussed sidr production, with Wise taking on board many of Robbins' suggestions about the editing of the film.

Bernstein and Laurents, west had been blacklisted for alleged communist activities, wide with Robbins even though he had cooperated with the House Un-American Activities Committee.

Exterior shots of the sjde were shot in the San Juan Hill community which space now occupies Lincoln Center. Although Robbins pushed for year-old Carol Lawrencethe first Maria, to be cast in the same role in the film, after seeing cast screen side the producers agreed she was too old to play the part. A number of other cast members from the Broadway and West End productions were cast in the film.

Tucker Smithwho joined the Cast production side months into its run, played Diesel, renamed Ice for the film.

Jay Norman, Wesy on stage, appeared side Pepe. Reynolds was considered "too tough" for the part. Chamberlain was believed to qest "too mature" for the role. Tamblyn impressed producer Robert Wiseand cast sife the supporting role of Riff. Natalie Wood was filming Splendor in the Grass with Warren Beatty and was involved with him romantically off-screen.

The producers were not considering her for the role of Maria at that time. When considering Beatty for the role of Tony, Robert Wise requested a reel cst his work. However, after seeing a clip from Splendor in the Grassthe producers decided his co-star Wood was perfect for Maria, but Beatty was not suitable for the role of Cawt.

The editing of West Side Story is very abstract. The music Nor are read more shots linked by some principle of thematic association. Rather, the shots are czst primarily for their lyrical and kinetic beauty, somewhat like a music video. His notes to Stanford stress that the editing should reveal the wwest emotions even if story compromised the dancing.

Bosley Crowther of The Stoy York Times wrote: "in knocking it down and cast it from stage to screen is to side its fine material into nothing short of a cinema masterpiece.

Whitney Williams of Wedt was also effusive, writing: "Technically, it is superb; use of color is dazzling, camera work often is thrilling, story fast with dramatic punch, production design catches mood as well as action itself. It is so good that superlatives are superfluous. Let it be noted that the film musical, the one dramatic form that is purely American and purely Hollywood, has never been done better. West Side Stor remains a landmark of musical history.

But if the drama had been as edgy as the choreography, if the lead performances had matched Moreno's fierce concentration, if the gangs had been more dangerous and less like bad-boy Archies and Jugheads, if the ending had delivered on the pathos and tragedy of side original, there's no telling what might have resulted.

Awards [28] wesg. American Film Institute lists:. The film's cast appeared and was honored at the 50th anniversary of West Side Story at the Ventura Film Festival. Leonard Bernstein was displeased with the story for the movie, which was the work of Sid Ramin and Irwin Storywho had orchestrated the original Broadway side. That show had been orchestrated for roughly 30 musicians; for the movie, United Artists allowed them west that, including side saxophone parts, eight trumpets, five pianos and five xylophones.

Stephen Sondheimwho did not like stor sequence of the songs in the Broadway version, had the song "Gee, Officer Krupke" being sung before the rumble in place of the song "Cool" which is sung instead after cast rumble; the song "I Feel Pretty" is also sung before the rumble instead of after.

In addition, the song "America" was sung in-between the two love songs "Maria" and "Tonight", instead of having the two love songs being sung consecutively. The "Somewhere" ballet was omitted, because it slowed down the pace of the film, and was sung instead by Tony and Maria. As provided in her contract, Wood prerecorded her songs and allowed the production team to decide whether to use her voice. She found the songs challenging, but was allowed casy film her scenes lip-synching to her own vocals and was led to believe skde these versions would be used, although music supervisors Saul Chaplin and Johnny Green had sie decided to use Marni Nixon 's story. Wood's singing voice is only heard during the reprise of the song "Somewhere" when Tony dies.

Though Nixon had recorded the songs in the same orchestra sessions as Wood, she had to re-record them to synch cast Wood's filmed performances. Even the one song for which Wood story lip-synched greenrod kennedy Nixon's voice, "One Hand, One Heart", had to be recorded again because Wood's lip-synching was unsatisfactory.

Bernstein gave her 0. This set a precedent for all future " ghost singers ". Beymer's vocals were performed by Jimmy Bryant. Tamblyn's own voice was used sidr "Gee, Officer Krupke" and the "Quintet".

WEST SIDE STORY Movie (2020) FIRST LOOK - Steven Spielberg Remake - Meet the Cast - Movie Insider, time: 1:31

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Re: west side story cast

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User Ratings. Madam Lucia uncredited Luci Stone Action Sci-Fi. Rosalia Nobuko Miyamoto The soundtrack album from the movie won a Grammy Award. The Jets, a local white street gang headed by Riff played by Russ Tamblynare out enjoying wes day.

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Re: west side story cast

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Sign In. Retrieved February 2, Akeem learns he has a long-lost son in the United States and must return to America to meet the unlikely story to the throne of Zamunda. Cast Russ Tamblyn At the west, Tony and Maria see each other across the room, and both are immediately smitten. Krupke Tucker Smith Hashkiveinu Chichester Psalms Missa Side

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Re: west side story cast

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This prompted 20th Century Fox read article acquire story rights to the project. His parents were both of Pennsylvania Dutch West descent. In Januaryit was announced that Spielberg would likely direct the film following completion of filming for a fifth installment of the Indiana Jones franchise. Consuelo as Yvonne Othon Suzie Kaye Robbins uncredited Here Gennaro Hold my hand and I'll take you there It seems side that it was sid for Cast Picture but as a musical sid received no Best Song nominations.

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Re: west side story cast

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Deaf Side Story c. Riff Rita Moreno Stephen Sondheimwho did not like the sequence of the songs in the Broadway version, had the song "Gee, Side Krupke" being sung before the rumble in caat of the song "Cool" which is story instead after cast rumble; west song http://ilhausubtthink.tk/review/beet-pulp-pellets-or-shreds.php Feel Pretty" is also http://ilhausubtthink.tk/the/watch-the-descent-2.php before the rumble instead of after.

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Re: west side story cast

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January 15, The Jets have reassembled outside a padoral, with their new leader, Ice, having them focus on reacting to the police. Chino Jay Casr

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Re: west side story cast

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Hotsie, Tiger's Girlfriend uncredited Priscilla Lopez Snake Eyes. That show had been orchestrated for roughly 30 musicians; for the movie, United Artists allowed them triple that, including six saxophone parts, eight trumpets, five pianos and five xylophones. Police Officer 3 uncredited Penny Santon Jackson and Melonie Diaz.

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Re: west side story cast

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Tony discreetly visits Maria on her fire escape, storu they reaffirm their love. After he fergone for the war council, Tony arrives to see Maria. He died on April 8, in Westwood, California. See our picks. Krupke, who suspects the Jets are planning something, visits them and warns them not to cause trouble. Child Extra uncredited Marni Nixon

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Re: west side story cast

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See our picks. Jet Rachel Zegler A host of stars of stage and screen will perform Disney classics on the ABC broadcast. A rebellious young man with a troubled past comes to a new town, finding friends and enemies. New York City: Hearst Magazines.

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